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US terror threat warnings based on wrong intelligence: Analyst

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“The first thing to note about this [terror] ‘warning’ [by US embassy in Beijing] is the complete lack of information about the nature of and motives behind the apprehended risk, says Grossman.

The US and Western terror threat warnings are largely unreliable and based on false intelligence, says an analyst.

Indonesia-based international lawyer Barry Grossman believes the latest terror warning by the US embassy in China is mostly unverifiable as it is vague and there is no information about the stated risk.

The comments follow the recent statement by the US embassy in Beijing that warns Western citizens of a possible terrorist attack during the Christmas holiday there.

“The US Embassy has received information of possible threats against Westerners in the Sanlitun area of Beijing, on or around Christmas Day,” the embassy said in a statement on Thursday.

Grossman told Press TV on Friday that the first thing to note about this “warning” is the complete lack of information about the nature of and motives behind the apprehended risk.

The embassy has urged American nationals and government personnel in the area to exercise “heightened vigilance.”

The British and French embassies in the capital city have also issued similar warnings, urging their citizens to keep away from Sanlitun. The Australian embassy soon followed suit.

This is while Grossman maintains that “numerous Western countries have followed the US lead and responded with their own warnings, the British version utilizing exactly the same opaque wording used by the US. This further confirms that the Atlantic World security apparatus largely acts and speaks with a single voice; a voice that is far too easily influenced at the thin end of a very large wedge by often unreliable and uncorroborated intelligence which is easily injected into its operational systems.”

The nature of the attacks was not clear in the statement, although reports are indicative of increased police presence in the capital city district where some embassies are located and is known for its nightlife venues and international stores.

“Of course the US may very well have received intelligence which created the apprehension of a possible threat. After all, the one thing we can be sure of is that the US security and intelligence apparatus has a substantial presence in China; China being a super power which many in the US political establishment consider to be the biggest threat to US hegemony,” Grossman noted.

“Either way, it seems almost certain that in the unlikely event that there is actually an act of political violence in Beijing over this holiday season, it will not single out Westerners as targets or be associated with what the West likes to refer to as Islamism.”

China’s Public Security Bureau has said there has been a boost in security measures in reaction to increased traffic at shopping centers during Christmas, and had nothing to do with…