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Virginia Republican Calls Trump A ‘Moron’…INSTANTLY This Happens

David Ramadan is far from a household name, even in the state where he sits in the General Assembly. However, the Virginia state legislator made a bid for fame recently after he popped off to GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Twitter, calling him a “moron.”  That’s when supporters of the business tycoon turned politician shifted into high gear and began to roll back on Ramadan.

The member of the Virginia House of Delegates, himself a Republican, fired off the “moron” insult as a response to a series of tweets sent out by Trump. The Donald lambasted the Virginia Republican Party for its plan to ask primary voters in the Commonwealth to sign a statement that they are, indeed, Republicans. Trump argued the proposal’s purpose was to limit support for him, especially support among Independents.

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Ramadan responded with a tweet saying, “@realDonaldTrump, Our party, our rules; your $$s and your bullying do not work in the Commonwealth. MORON!!”

It’s unlikely the Virginia lawmaker, a Lebanese immigrant, expected the firestorm that followed.


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@DGrant39107133 said, “@AmyMek @DavidIRamadan >@BreitbartNews Amy does it surprise u..another clown!! Im in VA..ill handle it,” a statement some are taking to be a threat. It wasn’t the only ominous comment either.

“Gee, I’m nice and close by. We could meet, let’s say……your place? ; ),” wrote @RussellPatriot2.

Ramadan is a pro-Second Amendment Republican and a signer of Grover Norquist’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge. By most accounts, he’s a small government conservative many Republicans would be proud to call their own. However, it’s not the first time he’s faced such a flood of criticism.

Born to a Muslim family, when he was first elected Ramadan faced claims he was a radical terrorist. This time, however, it’s something more — but in the eyes of many fierce Trump loyalists, apparently — something of similar concern.

“This is nothing new to me,” Ramadan told the Loudoun Times. “The disappointment is only in the state of affairs that this presidential cycle has reached due mostly to the actions and behaviors of Trump. This is not conservatism. This is not what my Republican party stands for. And thus I will not stand still or silent, I will call out bullies, racists and bigots despite the barrage of attacks that come in return.”

Of course, much of this might have been avoided if folks remembered and abided by Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment: “Thou Shalt Not Speak Ill of Fellow Republicans.”