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Weekly Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals Exceed COMEX Deliveries for Entirety of 2015!

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Once again, Shanghai Gold Exchange gold withdrawals during the week ending December 17th were higher than total COMEX gold deliveries for the entirety of 2015!!!

Submitted by Smaulgld

Shanghai Gold Exchange withdrawals were 51.75 tonnes of gold during the week ended December 17, 2015.

Total gold withdrawals on the Shanghai Gold Exchange year to date are 2503 tonnes. Average Shanghai Gold Exchange weekly withdrawals in 2015 (49.09 tonnes) are higher than total 2015 COMEX gold deliveries (35.6 tonnes).

Withdrawals pass 2013’s annual record of 2,197 tonnes by 306 tonnes.

Hong Kong gold kilobar withdrawals pass 925 tonnes in 2015.

Combined Shanghai Gold Exchange and Hong Kong Kilobar Withdrawals at 3,428 Tonnes Year to Date.

Shanghai Gold Exchange

The Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) delivered 51.75 tonnes of gold during the week ended December 17, 2015. During prior trading week ended December 10, 2015, the SGE withdrawals were 45.99 tonnes of gold.

Through week 51 of 2015, average weekly withdrawals on the Shanghai Gold Exchange were 49.03 tonnes.

Year to Date Weekly Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals Through December 17, 2015

2015 Year To Date Withdrawals vs. Prior Years

COMEX Hong Kong Gold Kilobar Withdrawals Through December 22, 2015

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange futures contract for Hong Kong Kilobars has experienced withdrawls of an average of more than six tons of gold a day since it began in mid March earlier this year. As of December 22, 2015, over 925 tonnes of gold have been withdrawn pursuant to this program since March 2015 for an annualized run rate over 1,200 tonnes of gold a year.

2015 and November 2015 Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals vs. COMEX 2015 Gold Deliveries

The chart below demonstrates the difference between the Shanghai Gold Exchange and the COMEX gold futures market. The former is a physical gold market while the latter is a paper/digital contract market where physical gold delivery is rarely made.

Just over 35 tonnes of gold have been delivered on COMEX in 2015.

China Updates its Gold Holdings

In July 2015, China announced their first update to their official gold holdings since 2009. The People’s Bank of China announced that their gold holdings had climbed from 1054 tons to 1658 tons, making China the fifth largest gold holding nation in the world.
China chose to incude six years worth of gold accumulation (over 600 tons) all in the month of June.

In August 2015, China reported that they added 19.3 tons (610,000 ounces) of gold to their reserves in July bringing their total to 1,677 tons (53.93 million ounces). In September 2015, the China updated their August gold reserves, indicating that they had added 16 tonnes of gold to their reserves, bringing their total to over 1693 tonnes.

Despite an overall decrease in its reserves in September, China has been adding gold. In October, China reported that they…