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What Is the Primary Goal of Business? (Hint: It’s NOT What Rush Limabaugh, CNBC, and Forbes Are Telling Us)

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What is the primary purpose and goal of business?

To glorify God.


Yeah, really.

And this doesn’t just apply to “church businesses” or “Christian book store businesses” or “missionary support businesses” or even only to “online Christian blog businesses,” for that matter. It applies to all business. The primary purpose and goal of all legitimate business and all legitimate economic activity anywhere at anytime in God’s creation is to bring glory to God.

It’s not to make a profit (as many Pagan Political Right Wing “experts” claim).

It’s not to create jobs (as many Pagan Political Left Wing “experts” claim).

It’s to glorify God and, by natural extension, to exalt, enrich, and expand His Kingdom.

Anytime we “forget” these things and make God-displacing idols of profits, jobs, or anything else, we fundamentally corrupt our approach to God’s property of economics and we will suffer the consequences – economic and otherwise. It may take a while – generations, even – but ultimately there is no escaping the reality that God owns, defines, and sustains everything in His creation (see: Colossians 1:16-17) – including economics and business – and that anything in His creation can only be rightly pursued and applied in a lasting, truly profitable manner by pursuing and applying it in accordance with His Nature as revealed in His Word.

Another point worthy of reminder is that, contrary to the self-serving teachings of the world, all realms in God’s creation are intimately connected to each other because they are all intimately connected with (and rooted in) Him. The idea that economic or business or political or legal activity can be pursued off in its own neatly sequestered little realm without necessarily being defined by or impacting other realms of life in God’s creation is both preposterous and dangerous. Economic and business activity, when pursued in an anti-Christ spirit, naturally inspires and is connected to all manner of evils, many of which may not in and of themselves appear to be particularly economic in nature.

. . . the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. . .

~ 1 Timothy 6:10

Money itself is not inherently evil. It is the love of money (above God) that is always evil and always destructive. When we love profit or jobs or material pursuits of any sort for any reason to the point that we make them the primary purpose of our business or economic activity, we are in great sin and we are practicing evil.

Money is a tool by which great things can be done to glorify God, enrich the lives of His people, and expand His Kingdom. He has provided us with the tools of economics, business, and money for these very purposes. A faithful, Christ-centered approach…