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What To Expect In 2016

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This year has been an interesting one, to say the least. While I can’t say that I like much of what has happened since January, there has been little time for boredom this year. Between terrorist attacks and the Black Lives Matter movement, there has been enough unrest and violence to keep anyone awake. Nor does it look like any of that is likely to end.

Regardless of the numbers coming out of Washington, the nation is not doing better. We all know that the government is cooking the books, putting out false data. But the reality and the numbers don’t match. Unemployment is higher than ever, as indicated by the workforce participation rate, and prices are going up all over, defying the “official” inflation rate.

There is little chance that things are going to get better during Obama’s last year in office. He is studiously ignoring reality, so he doesn’t even understand how things really are.

Like the academian that he pretends to be, all he sees is his theories, then he commands the government to make the data match what he sees. Someone operating like that can’t turn things around for the better, even if they had some idea of what to do.

What Our Friends Foresee for 2016

Jeff Anderson – Modern Combat and Survival

“This last year there was plenty of bad news to go around, which seems likely to affect survivalists even more in the months to come. These include, as they always seem to, increased infringement on your constitutional rights… but also some dangers you may not have considered.

Prediction #1: The “Other” Terrorism – It’s no longer a surprise that our privacy is being violated each and every day by NSA, DHS, and other alphabet agencies of the government. But now that we’ve seen Jihad-style terrorism on American soil in San Bernardino, there will be that much more justification — in the eyes of those in government — for increased spying initiatives on our citizens. This will, as always, be done to make us “safe.”  The real target? Well, in their own words… “homegrown domestic terrorists” whose profile basically reads like an casting call for an episode of “Doomsday Preppers”.  (Maintain OPSEC my friends.)

Prediction #2:  Increased Gun-Control Measures – The same high-profile shootings that have our politicians screaming for more and deeper surveillance also have those politicians’ grubby paws out to grab our guns – possibly through unconstitutional executive orders. Look for a lot more attempts to restrict the rights of law-abiding Americans to buy firearms, and expect outright bans of “assault” style weapons.

Prediction #3:  Pandemic “Red Flags” – It’s hard to admit it, but even the CDC and World Health Organization are saying we’re long overdue for another pandemic. The Ebola scare last year faded quickly from the news. Any prepared citizen, though, should remember how quickly we…