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What You Really Need in Your SHTF First Aid Kit

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One of the common things a lot of preppers  miss is a good SHTF first aid kit.

Sadly, they don’t even realize it. That’s because most people have a $29.95 first-aid kit they picked up at the local pharmacy or department store and so think they’re covered. But that’s not enough to prepare you for emergencies by any means. That’s about enough to take care of cut fingers and skinned knees, that’s it.

Unless you’ve made your own SHTF first aid kit or bought a good trauma kit, you probably don’t have anywhere near what you need. That might even be true if you have a good trauma kit. You see, for survival purposes, a SHTF first aid kit has to have extensive breadth and depth, and most commercially available kits don’t have both.

What do I mean by breadth and depth?

Breadth means being able to take care of a wide number of different injuries, including serious injuries (trauma). A good trauma kit will have that, but the local pharmacy version won’t. Depth means that you can take care of several of those serious injuries with the supplies that are included in that first aid kit. Even the best trauma kits have trouble in this, unless you actually buy one that’s intended for use by a paramedic or EMT.

During a time of crisis, medical facilities tend to get overcrowded making them almost impossible to function. Just take a look at how hospitals looked during Huricane Katrina. On top of that, there can be a problem in even getting to your local hospital or clinic. So, having that well-stocked SHTF first aid kit can very well be a lifesaver for someone in your family.

Please note that the first-aid is just that.

A SHTF first aid kit is not a complete medical kit (as seen in the graphic). All you are doing with first-aid is keeping things from getting worse or deadly. That’s good, in and of itself, but it may not be enough.

This article is about building the SHTF first aid kit. If your interesting in “SHTF Medicines” you may want to read this article.

“Advanced Medical Supplies” are for doctors or people trained to use them. For example a good medical supply would be adrenaline. But used by an untrained person, instead of helping someone may even cause his death.

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To start with, you need something to use to put all this stuff in. It needs to be something that you can organize the contents in well, so a case with lots of dividers or small compartments in it is ideal. Many trauma kits come in a soft-case, which is easier to take along with you. But it’s hard to…