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When It Comes To EMP Preparedness You Only Have Two Choices

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An EMP is a time machine.

In all my studying of the topic the EMP has the ability to either force us back to a time before electricity or sling us forward to a time where the lost ways of humanity combine with renewable energy generation and our adaptable ingenuity. Neither trip on this time machine comes without some growing pains. Getting to the future could hurt just as much as falling back into the past.


The trouble with the EMP blast is that you will have no time for evasive maneuvers. If it hasn’t been planned for, stored away or protected then it will be lost. Most electronic items and items containing electronics will become little more than piles of plastic and metal.

What lies on the store shelves in that moment, the food, the tools, the medicines will be the last items to rest on those shelves. Within hours of the blast you will see calamity in the streets. You will witness the very worst from humanity as they struggle to eke out the last easy fix on food and water that they are going to get.

If the EMP comes from the sun the best scientists may know about it. Those with their eyes to the skies could see it coming. The problem is before it reaches earth that information would have to be given to world governments and then an announcement made to the public. This process would take too long and the solar blast would reach us in a matter of minutes.

There is no forewarning for an EMP. If you aren’t prepared than you will be faced with an uphill battle. That said, if we were to get any type of warning some scientists believe that electronics that are turned off could fair better than those which are left active. Consider this from futurescience.com

There is truth to this recommendation (if there were a way to know that a burst was about to happen).  Equipment is more vulnerable if it is operating, because some failure modes involving E1 HEMP trigger the system’s energy to damage itself.  However, damage can also happen, but not as easily, to systems that are turned off. (Source)

Following a dangerous EMP blast we, as a society, will be left with a very clear fork in the road. Neither scenario is very appealing in contrast with the lives we live today. Of course, preference gets thrown out the window when you lose the power grid and economic driver of the world goes dark.

Scenario 1: Into the Past

With the collapse of major infrastructures like the power grid and most of the electronics in your home you will be left with the stark reality that things have changed forever. Your survival of a post EMP will depend entirely on how you prepared.


Source: askaprepper.com