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MishTalk Website Moving to New Domain: Welcome to the Maven Group

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A few months ago I was invited to move my website to TheMaven.Net/Mishtalk.

Giving up control of a domain is not an easy decision.

I did so because I like the Maven Team. I believe they will better promote the “Mish” brand than I can personally.

Maven Team

James Heckman / Founder and CEO – Background: Head of Global Media Strategy for Yahoo!; Chief Strategy Officer at Fox Digital; architected a $900 million ad alliance between Google and Myspace; founder/CEO of 5to1.com (sold to Yahoo!); CSO of Zazzle.com; Founder/CEO of Scout.com (sold to Fox); Founder/CEO of Rivals.com and Rivals.net (sold to Yahoo!) Josh Jacobs / Executive Co-Chair – Background: President of services at Kik Interactive, one of the world’s largest messaging apps; global CEO of Accuen Media; president of the Omnicom Media Group Bill Sornsin / Chief Operating Officer – Background: Ran MSN’s Core Technology team before joining Rivals.com as co-founder and CTO in 1999; co-founded Scout.com as CTO/COO; VP Engineering & Operations at Fox Interactive Media following its acquisition of Scout. Ben Joldersma / Chief Technology Officer – Background: CTO and chief architect of the single-platform national sports network Scout.com; CTO of the digital media advertising management firm 5to1; senior software engineer at Google where he researched and developed image visualization systems for Google Maps; a principal software engineer in the advertising platform unit at Yahoo! Ross Levinsohn / Director – Background: CEO at Yahoo! in 2012; President of Fox Interactive where he helped create one of the largest digital businesses amongst the traditional media companies; co-founded Fuse Capital in 2005; General Manager at AltaVista Network; Vice President of Programming and Executive Producer at CBS Sportsline.

That’s a partial list of names as well as a partial list of accomplishments.

What’s In it for Me ?

Ultimately, I expect more ad income or I would not move. I am also struggling to get readership up on Mish Moments, my photography website. I recon the Maven team can help.

What’s In it for You ?

Rooms: Many people complain about political posts. Others love them. If you do not want to read about foreign or US politics, you can easily skip such posts. Ask Mish: I have a new room called Ask Mish. If you have a question, ask away. Others are free to respond or to comment on my comments. Easier signup. You can use any existing email address

Source: mishtalk.com