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3 injured in Manhattan shooting near Empire State Building

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Published time: 21 Jan, 2018 22:43Edited time: 21 Jan, 2018 23:11

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Three people have been injured in midtown Manhattan following a shooting, police say. None of the injuries are life-threatening.

The shooting happened at 4:40pm local time on West 31st Street near Penn Station. Police said three […]

Study Finds That 22 Percent Of Bitcoin Investors Are Using Debt To Fund Their Investments

Investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin is extremely risky, and experts all over the country are warning that people should only invest what they are willing to lose.  Unfortunately, many are getting swept up in the current euphoria surrounding cryptocurrencies and are not listening to that very sound advice.  A disturbing […]

More Than 100 Are Dead As The Worst Flu Epidemic In Years Sweeps Across The United States

This flu season is already off to a record-setting beginning, and many believe that it could ultimately be the worst that we have seen in decades.  In fact, it has been reported that if we stay on this current pace that this could truly be the worst flu season in more than 50 years.  As […]

Strong Earthquakes Hit San Francisco And Mount St. Helens And Experts Warn They May Be Foreshocks For ‘Something Larger’

Just when it seemed like things may be settling down, two very unusual earthquakes have hit the west coast within the past couple of days.  A 4.4 magnitude quake struck Berkeley, California just prior to 3 AM on Thursday morning, and a 3.9 magnitude earthquake hit Mount St. Helens in Washington state on Wednesday.  Overall, […]

Amazing Things Are Happening For Michael Snyder’s Campaign For Congress!

Yesterday I got back from the best campaign trip down south that we have had so far.  It has been difficult for me to get to sleep these days, because I am incredibly fired up about the tremendous momentum that is building for our campaign.  I am so thankful for those of you that have […]

“A Very Painful Transition Period For Humanity” Is Coming As The Elite Try To Salvage Broken System With Universal Basic Income

The last gasps of a failed system are here…. Get ready for what will most certainly be a very painful transition period for humanity.

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Contributed by Joe […]

The Po-Po is Going Through Your Poo-Poo To See What You’re Smokin’

Yep, scientists have now provided a way for law enforcement to use cellphone data and sewage contents to determine if you are using illicit/illegal drugs…. There’s an old adage that says “When everything is illegal, nothing is illegal!”

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“Extremely Violent Times Will Come” End-of-world prediction interrupts TV broadcasts in Orange County

Orange County, Califnornia residents were stunned by an ominous message that appeared on their cable programming at around 11:05am Pacific time.

“Realize This, Extremely Violent Times Will Come…”


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Shock: White House Chief of Staff “Voted For Hillary”, Still Blocking Trump From Alternative Media

A top Republican adviser has revealed the shocking fact that Trump White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was a liberal who voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

Speaking to Fox Business Host Lou Dobbs, Republican campaign consultant Ed Rollins shockingly claimed that, according to his sources, Kelly supported the failed Clinton […]

“Shocked”: Maine Woman Ordered by City to Take Down Pro-Trump Signs

A Rockland, Maine, woman says she would rather go to jail than take down her pro-Donald Trump signs.

Susan Reitman has hung two banners on her front gate: One that says “I love Trump” and another that says “He Won, Get over it.”

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