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  • Bill Blain: “Dovish Fed And Positive Earnings: Buy Stocks…… Submitted by Bill Blain of Mint Partners Blain’s Morning Porridge, July 26. “Bankruptocracy is as much a European predicament as it is an American invention.” Apologies for lack of comment y’day, but my computer decided to auto-destruct just as I about to send it out. Despite many reports saying markets are now in full holiday season, there’s still plenty of serious stuff still going on, and some subtle shifts in direction to figure out. Stuff to watch today: US earnings season (it’s a massive week) as stocks hit new highs, and what the Fed will say tonight (still watching and waiting). Stuff the think about: The implications and consequences of the return of Greece to the bond market. Tech stocks – Google (Alphabet) in the spotlight. What are central banks really telling us and what do they actually know? Starting with the Greek bond: The new €3 bln five year Greek bond deal was a predictable success the authorities are crowing about: oversubscribed by a factor of 2 and a tight-ish coupon of 4.375%. The plan to ... Continue->


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