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  • Sweden Forced to Build Heavily Fortified Police Station in Notorious M… Rinkeby has become one of the most notorious no-go zones in Sweden, if not all of Europe. The tiny urban community, which now has a population that consists almost entirely of 1st and 2nd generation immigrants, has been the site of multiple riots and countless acts of violence in recent years. It’s the place where a 60 minutes crew was attacked, and it was where a riot occurred last month after Trump commented on the dire immigration situation in Sweden. For all intents and purposes, Rinkeby, Sweden isn’t really a part of Sweden anymore. However, the government still needs a presence in the city. Unfortunately the police station that currently resides in Rinkeby (which was closed in 2014) was designed for a much more peaceful community that no longer exists. That’s why the government has ordered the construction of a new police station with a design that has been compared to that of a fortress or military installation. According to ZeroHedge: The new police station, which is being built under heavy security and is scheduled to open in ... Continue->


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