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  • 9 Ways To Make Your Body Fail When You Need It To Survive When it comes to survival, having a strong body is one big factor to count on. A friend of mine – who wrote a great medical survival guide – told me a story once. He was working at McDonald’s, and an obese woman came in and asked for 3 Big Macs, 2 dollar-menu McChickens, 3 large fries, “and one diet coke, please!” What irony! I hope this lady doesn’t end up in disaster situation, because her chances of survival would be inversely proportional to her weight and her eating habits. What’s the point of this example? If you disregarded your health before the disaster happened, you can’t be mad because it’s entirely your fault. And you can’t really demand anything of fate at that point.   An ounce of prevention is most certainly worth a pound of cure. Unfortunately, Western medicine focuses on treating illnesses instead of preventing them, and we’re not doing any good by our way of living. The problem with waiting until you’re already sick to worry about your health is that your body is ... Continue->


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