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  • Internet service providers are today’s RAILROADERS ripping custo… Internet service providers are today’s RAILROADERS ripping customers off in over-charging for data usage, while not letting us know how much we consume each time we are online. I read and commented to a post on G+ about this, and am now being plagued by, I assume, the ISP retail store employees I recently bought prod from.  They are Humanity’s modern, hi-tech plague. (I apologise for being so “unskilled” on how to use this and most internet sites’ facilities.) In rural (and city) Australia, most of the locals are welded to corruption, and are eager to destroy someone’s life, if they have morals, let alone an above-average intellect, and challenge the dominant corruptIon of ROTTEN LAND LAWS, LAND OWNERSHIP AND USE. “Farming” in Australia is much much more about the real estate, or, the most profitable resale value of the precious land. For subdivision to urban housing. So going to that issue is deadly. Nevertheless, my comment off the Trump and Clinton article here on 12160, which I assume an ISP here blocked me from posting to the relative 12160 ... Continue->


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